Bike Helmet Safety Display

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Product Description: The Bicycle Helmet safety display allows you to demonstrate the proper method for testing the fit of a helmet on an individual’s head. The two-piece display includes a mannequin head to show a properly sized helmet and a table top sign that walks participants through the three steps of fitting a helmet.

Details: The kit includes a plastic gray mannequin head situated on a base, a 14+ sized helmet to be adjusted to properly fit the display head, and a tabletop sign designed to sit in an angled pre-cut base.

The Bike Helmet Safety Display is manufactured at our facility located in Dunkirk, Maryland USA. Each item is custom manufactured to order. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Note:  The display head can be customized to include local Safe Kids coalition logo.

Product Options: 

Complete Set:  Includes sign, display head, and helmet.

Without Helmet:  Includes sign and display head.

Display Head Only:  Includes display head.